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To the members of the general Session who could meet on the fifteenth On the spot,” but no place is indicated the place they are expected to fulfill. 2 It was unquestionably sent to San Felipe. 3. Was it additionally despatched to Washington? A small number of delegates gathered at Washington about the time mounted for the assembly of the session, and the following letter was written by those from Mina on their manner thither: At Coke’s Oct 17th, 1835 To the members of The “Genl session” &c. At San Felipe The delegates from the Municipality of Mina have optimistic in- structions from their constituents to satisfy in “session,” at Washington on Brazos we anticipate to be at that place this evening, where we shall remain until we hear farther from San Felipe and from Mina

Texas Historical Affiliation Quarterly. The presidents and heads of departments shall keep their workplaces on the seat of authorities, except removed by the permission of congress, or in case of emergency in time of the battle, the public curiosity might require their removal. The inauguration of the new authorities is finest described within the words of President Burnet: On the evening of the 16th March, a messenger arrived from the west, bearing the melancholy intelligence that the Alamo had fallen, and all within it been massacred. The Convention assembled immediately, and with some few signs of undue pleasure, proceeded to establish executive authorities for the embryo republic.

David G. Burnet was elected President; Lorenzo de Zavala, a distinguished Mexican, was elected Vice-President; Col. Samuel P. Carson, formerly of North-Carolina, Secretary of State; Bailey Hardiman, Secretary of the Treasury; Col. Thomas J. Kusk, Secretary of Warfare; Kobert Potter, Secretary QEN directory of the Navy; and David Thomas, Lawyer-Basic. The inauguration of the brand new authorities was completed about two o’clock in the morning of 17th March; the Convention has been in session all night time. Mr. Burnet delivered a pertinent advert- costume of some length, and on an ensuing day issued a proclamation from which we extract the following: “The government will remove to Harrisburg; but that removing will not be the result of any apprehension that the enemy is close to us.